Module 30

Module 30 From Future to Past generative particles patch in Touchdesigner for making a futuristic form. Music: No grey erea by Marc Minot

Module 6

Module 6 A piece of motherland. simulation of my motherland with generative surface materials and responsible light. powered by touchdesigner.

Module 42

Module 42 module 42 is one of many tries to find a way in touchdesigner for making responsible lights and glassy material.

AudioVisual Performance

Audiovisual Performance Music: Farid Forghani (Kalaghe Haftsin Project) Visual: Morteza Ghahremanian Here are some videos of our last performance in Rasht – IRAN

Exotic Paradox – A/V

“Exotic Paradox” is an Audio-Visual live set that aims to explore the possibilities of electronic experimental persian music, provided with abstract/ nostalgic visuals of my childhood period in late 80’s/ early 90’s of Iran. Music : Arash Pandi Visuals: Morteza Ghahremanian 2018, Iran, Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition (Tadaex) ” Discovering sounds and reproducing them…


Quadr is a composition for 8 audio channels and its aim is to explore sonification possibilities of classic elements: EARTH, WIND, FIRE and WATER. Combining persian electronic tunes with field recordings, this piece is providing an artistic experiment to bring more awareness for how we can listen to the most familiar sounds in a new…